Main Sources

We are extremely critical of all product quality, starting with the raw material. We source only the best raw materials from approved suppliers, including Bao Steel and TPCO. All chemical and mechanical re-inspection of the raw material is strictly carried out. This is to ensure the raw material meets customer’s required specifications.

Main Supply Source
S.No. Approved Sourcing Suppliers Material Types
1 Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation CS pipe; Alloy steel pipe
2 Tianjin Pipe(Group) Corporation (TPCO) CS pipe; Alloy steel pipe
3 Zhongxing Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. seamless SS pipe
4 Anyang Iron&Steek INC. CS Plate
5 Jiangyin City Changjiang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. CS pipe
6 Jiangsu Wujin stainless Steel Tube Factory SS pipe
7 Zhejiang Jiuli Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. SS pipe
8 Kunshan DAGENG Steel Co., Ltd. SS plate
9 Taiyuan Iron&Steel(GROUP) Co.,Ltd. SS plate
10 Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co. Ltd. CS pipe; Alloy steel pipe
11 Qinhuangdao Shouqin Metal Material Co., Ltd. (Shougang Group) CS pipe; Alloy steel pipe
12 Jinan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. CS pipe; Alloy steel pipe