Company Culture

Core Values of the CTR Piping Group

Customers and Service Comes First
From the very beginning, CTR has always aimed to create the most benefits for our clients with overall quality, quick delivery periods and the best service. We have nurtured this goal for the past 15 years and always think from the customer’s perspective. This allows us to work for the client’s benefit, and here, we believe there is no such thing as a small order or small client, each is treated equally and to the best of our ability for quality and service. We look to grow with our clients, and aim to have our products be the right ones to push clients successfully onto the market.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement
CTR adheres to a philosophy that a successful company moves with the time, and is devoted to creating an environmentally friendly company full of life and excellence. Innovation means creating new value, and new value brings in new clients. We learn from our clients, and learn from an ever changing market. We encourage each employee to contribute new ideas and techniques. We look to become a company that is owned by their employees and clients.

Our clients are always right, and we are constantly working to improve ourselves to better serve them. Everything we do is to benefit clients first, and employees are paid equally, and encouraged to participate with new ideas so we can fulfill client and stockholder expectations. Our humanity interest concept ensures each employee can actively and independently work to the best of their abilities, to promote individual achievement.

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