As a professional pipeline equipment service company, CTR Piping Group specializes in the production and sales of metal material, including stainless steel, duplex steel, low-temperature steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and clad steel that will eventually be used in a variety of industries, including petrochemical, natural gas, chemical, electric power, shipbuilding, nuclear, coal and other projects.
A flange is a rib used to attach a pipe to another object, such as a flange on the end of a pipe or steam cylinder. Pipes and tubes can be easily assembled or disassembled using flanges, which can also fit onto different items, including bellows, wheels and cameras. Depending on the different designs, flanges can be further categorized into weld neck flanges, slip on weld flanges, threaded flanges, socket weld flanges, orifice flanges, blind flanges, and more. They are also classified by the raw material used to manufacture the flange, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high yield steel (line pipe flanges), and low temperature steel.
Forging is a metalworking process used for shaping metals using an external force. Forged fittings are stronger than the equivalent machined parts, and have a higher metallurgical strength. At CTR Piping, we provide an extensive line of high quality forged fittings, including welding bosses, socket weld elbows, socket weld tees, weld crosses, nipples, union joints, threaded fittings and more. Each forged fitting has a number of applicable uses in industries such as refineries, steel, construction sites and more. Special designs are also available to meet customer requirements and unique applications.